Lawn Cutting

  • Regulary scheduled cutting and trimming of lawn. Grass clippings can be removed on request

Power Dethatching

  • Removal of excessive thatch (a build up of organic material such as roots and old grass) from lawns
  • Eliminating thatch enables greater circulation between the ground, water, fertilizer and air, creating a healthy, green lawn

Core Aeration

  • Another method for removing thatch
  • Removing circular cores from the lawn allows water, fertilzer and air to penetrate the soil

Lawn Fertilizing

  • We will fertilze lawns upon request

Topsoil/Mulch Delivery & Spreading

  • Direct delivery of heavy loads of topsoil/mulch to our clients

Landscape Projects

  • We will dig/plant gardens, plant trees, and build garden features per client requests and/or design

Property Clean Ups

  • We will remove old equipment, furniture, plants and landscape features from your property

Pressure Washing

  • Pressure washing removes years of weathering and restores the appearance of outdoor wood features, such as fences and decking

Gutter Cleaning

  • The removal of debris that collects in your gutters and prevents rainwater from draining properly

Examples of Our Services

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